Cool Jumping Photo Wanted


Dear Conquerors,

Do you remember those precious moments when you ended your opponent's life in just a few jumps? As one of CO's coolest features, the jump function is preserved in Conquer Online 3, to enable you to continue this amazing experience. But before the new journey starts, you are summoned to share your real-life jumping moments with friends from around the world and get your hands on a free $29.99 TQ Point Card!

You can submit your photo from July 11th - August 14th.
Select: The TQ team will select the 100 best photos after July 31st.
The 100 winning photos will be posted over time on the CO3 official site.

The TQ team will pick out the best 100 photos and reward the winners with a $29.99 TQ Point Card each!

How to submit your photos?
First, you upload a photo of you jumping onto your Facebook page. Second, fill out the desired information and send it to along with the link of that Facebook page. You can just copy and paste the template in your email and fill in the information.

Real Name:

Character Name:

How many years have you played CO and Are you still playing CO now?

What is the best part of CO2.0?

Are you looking forward to CO3? Why?

The link of your photo on Facebook:
A Description of your photo:


  1. In your Privacy setting, please set it to Public so that the photo can be viewed by our staffer here, otherwise it is NOT qualified.
  2. You must submit a photo of you jumping. Fake or plagiarized photos are not allowed.
  3. Each participant is allowed to submit ONLY one photo.
  4. Please follow our format in your email. Otherwise, your entry may be disqualified.
  5. In addition to sending us the email, you shall also like Conquer Online on facebook.

About Conquer Online 3
Conquer Online 3 is a fresh take on the oriental style of free-to-play online games, while holding true to Conquer Online's successful elements, including simple gameplay, multiple classes, Chinese martial arts, intensive PvP, as well as the special Rebirth system. In Conquer Online 3, the graphic will be much better and there will still be 7 unique classes to choose from, with each class having its own specialties in magic and skills. Players can guide their characters to challenge the fiercest monsters and bosses, collecting formidable gear, fighting side by side with their comrades and be the Conqueror!

Compared to what the current iteration presents, Conquer Online 3 aims to make subtle changes to pacing, allowing both fierce actions and more relaxing enjoyments to harmoniously coexist. In the meantime, the balance for classes will be reshaped. The controversial Battle Power feature will be removed, and the economy system will be improved upon as well.

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