Simple Words To Prove Your CO Identity

How long have you been playing Conquer Online? If you had the chance, what would you like to say to CO, most of all? In addition to voting for CO3, you also can leave your heartfelt words here, and take part in the "Simple Words To Prove Your CO Identity" event. After the event ends, we will pick out 10 winners, and each of them will receive a $15.99 TQ Point Card!

Duration: Sep. 28th – Oct. 28th


  1. During the event, players can sign in the event page to leave the message to CO. (Maximum of 150 characters allowed)
  2. Every player can participate in this event and leave up to 5 messages.
  3. After the event ends, the TQ team will choose the 10 most creative messages, and the winners will receive a $15.99 TQ Point Card!
  4. You can also vote on other players' wishes and check out whoes messages are most popular.